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Driving In EEA After Brexit

Driving in the EEA after Brexit

Whilst the position with Brexit continues to change, if at anytime the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement in place, and in the absence of a specific agreement to the contrary, you must carry a physical Green Card while driving your vehicles in the European Economic Area (EEA) and some other countries (Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland).

Drivers with a UK driving license travelling in the EU and EEA Countries may also need to obtain an IDP (International Driving Permit).

At that time, all commercial trailers weighing over 750kg and non-commercial trailers weighting over 3,500kg must be registered with the DVLA before travel to or through most EU and EEA countries and a separate Green Card will be required for these.


What are Green Cards?

Green Cards are an International Certificate of Insurance issued by insurance providers in the UK, guaranteeing that the motorist has the necessary minimum motor insurance cover for travel in the country they are visiting.


What do you need to do?

To request a green card, please contact us prior to travelling with appropriate notice.

Please be aware the cost for this depends on your insurer.


For more information about registering trailers visit the DVLA website –


Given that Brexit is an ever-changing landscape, please keep an eye on any communications released by industry bodies such as BIBA and the ABI, who have created a Q&A document for consumers –